Suspension of activity due to Coronavirus COVID-19

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Suspension of activity due to Coronavirus COVID-19

Tour Guide Sarah

Dear all,

I am sure that by now you are all aware of the restrictions and limitations we are all facing due to this recent pandemic. The thought of people losing their lives to this illness is devastating but the increased community spirit is quite comforting.  My expertise is not medical so I am content to listen to the experts and government and stay isolated in my home for the time being.  Sadly, there will be no tours or adventures until it is deemed safe for travellers to return to exploring our wonderful country.

This is giving me quality time with my family and an unexpected opportunity to catch up with administration and paperwork and additional study.  So I have a plan!  Alongside reading for my MA Celtic Studies degree, I will be working up some new tour ideas so I am ready to welcome visitors as soon as we are permitted to travel again.

Great love and best wishes to you all as you patiently work through the next few months.

Stay strong and healthy and look out for my little updates,

Tour Guide Sarah


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