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My story

I was on holiday in Melbourne, Australia when I suddenly knew I wanted to be a guide.

I still have vivid memories of a wonderful vineyard tour, a drive along the Great Ocean Road and the fairy penguins on Phillip Island; all inspiring and heart-thumpingly impressive experiences.  But I realised that my big wow moments didn’t just come from the scenery, but came from contact with local people who knew the small details that brought the holiday to life. From then I knew I wanted to help visitors to Wales find the hidden gems that only we locals know!

When I got back, I gave up my job in London and headed ‘home’ to Pembrokeshire. I worked in Tourist Information Centres and holiday agencies while I studied Heritage Tourism and Professional Guiding; I’ve been guiding since 2011 and I love it!

So, here I am, waiting to help you design your own Welsh adventure, from short town-walks to multi-day tours. I know what it is like to arrive somewhere and say “my goodness, I would really love to fully experience this place”, well with me, you truly can.

Before becoming a tour guide…

I studied modern European studies and French at Nottingham Trent University and spent time teaching English as a foreign language in British summer schools and overseas, in Greece and Japan. I worked in France in an activity centre where I taught French and led tours for schools groups to the nearby goat cheese farm, medieval castle and local markets!

When I returned to Britain I trained as a travel agent and worked in London, always dreaming of coming home to Wales and training as a tour guide! Since returning, I have managed just that, having qualified for my Visit Wales accredited Blue Badge Tour Guide for Wales.

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Want to know how to create amazing memories on your vacation?

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