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“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things” – Henry Miller

On a guided tour adventure with me you will see great places, that’s a given. But, you will also get a real sense of place, a feeling of being immersed in what makes Wales such an interesting country.  I will show you places that many people have been to, but together, we can make it a new experience, experiences that will make your holiday so very memorable.

From landscapes, to history and of course the people and places, below are a few of my personal favourite destinations to explore.

Pembrokeshire Coast

The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority has been conserving the treasures of this magnificent coastline since 1952. It is the only coastal National Park in the UK and is home to the 186 mile Pembrokeshire Coast Path National Trail. You’ll be amazed at the range of different landscapes you can see, from rugged cliffs, to stretches of sandy beaches.  Admiring the views out to sea on a windless, blue –skied afternoon just makes me smile.  The Pembrokeshire Coast National Trail is now part of the Wales Coast Path – did you know you can walk the whole coast of Wales in 860 miles?


Once a vibrant trading port, the harbour at Tenby is now the focus a different kind of visitor. Since Victorian times Tenby has been attracting holidaymakers, and who wouldn’t want to visit such a picturesque little town with a selection of sandy beaches and quirky townhouses. Tenby is home to one of the largest parish churches in Wales and is the departure point for a visit to the wonderful Caldey Island, famous for the Cistercian Monastery and chocolate factory. Tenby is at times both alive and peaceful with the early morning light shining across the slumbering town a beautiful sight.


Carew Castle and Tidal Mill is a little gem. Nestled on a limestone bluff overlooking the Carew River, the story of the site begins in the Iron Age, 2000 years ago. The castle we see today was built by the Normans and modified to become a Tudor mansion. The tidal mill is very special as it is the only complete tidal mill in Wales and makes this site truly unique. Walking the grounds to the river and looking up at the castle walls can bring a feeling of modesty, of being aware of history and the tiny space we occupy in the world.

Stackpole, Bosherston and Castlemartin

This little peninsula is full of secret places – you just have to know where to look. In the summer you can visit glorious lily-filled lakes on the Stackpole Estate, have a snack at a quayside cafe or climb down to see a tiny church nestled in the cleft of sea-cliffs. The coastline has some iconic rock formations such as the Green Bridge and Stack Rocks on which sea-birds such as guillemots, razorbills and fulmars nest to raise their young.


This is a lovely walled town dominated by the largest stone castle in Pembrokeshire. The castle is the birthplace of Henry Tudor who went on to become Henry VII. It has played a major role in Welsh and British history and is very well preserved. You can climb the 75ft keep and admire views down the estuary, explore the towers and passageways or even climb down to Wogan’s cavern, a cave underneath the castle.

St Davids Peninsula

Home to the smallest city in Britain and birthplace of the Patron Saint of Wales – St David, this is a magical part of Wales. From picturesque harbours with island views to rugged coast with rocky outcrops you’ll be glad you visited. The jewel in the crown is the magnificent St David’s Cathedral built by the Normans, nestled in the valley on the site of St David’s 6th century monastic settlement. Nearby are the remains of the Bishop’s Palace dating from the late 13th century.


This little town was once home to one of Wales’ most famous poets, Dylan Thomas and was inspiration for details in a number of his works. Here you can still see the shed where Dylan used to work and visit the Boathouse where he lived. It is also home to a fine medieval castle turned Tudor mansion majestically overlooking the estuary. It is truly an unforgettable place that will take your breath away.

Glorious Gardens

We are blessed with a variety of different gardens in our lovely part of the world, from the National Botanic Gardens of Wales with its Great Glasshouse to the house and gardens of Aberglasney with cloister and pool gardens and a yew tree tunnel. You can also explore the woodland gardens at Colby, a National Trust property with an exciting past.

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Want to know how to create amazing memories on your vacation?

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