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As well as sampling some of our great restaurants, I’ll ensure you get to sample some authentic Welsh specialities, and you can see how proud we are of our local produce. We can visit local cheese makers, sip local beers at craft breweries, eat fresh seafood right from the beach or tour Welsh vineyards! I hope you’ll get a chance to sample our ‘Pembrokeshire Earlies’ our locally grown new potatoes which have been awarded Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status by the European Commission. In essence, I’ll help you experience the true taste of Wales.

Art & Music

We have a range of local music festivals from the Fishguard International Music Festival to celebrations of Folk and Jazz. If your visit does not coincide with a festival we can still experience choral music at St David’s Cathedral or local artists performing at small venues across the country. We may even be able to catch a local choir in a pub after their weekly rehearsal! We have a variety of local artists creating paintings and photography as well as a huge range of craft, from textiles to glass and pottery. Painters from further afield have been coming to Wales for years, drawn by the quality of the light. There are lots of exhibitions or art and photography that will let you see Wales through someone else’s eyes.


Two things we do well here in Wales are landscapes and seascapes! Surrounded by sea on three sides we have a huge variety of coastal treasures, from hidden coves and picturesque harbours to remains of Iron Age forts. As the whole of our coastline is designated as a coastal footpath, the Wales Coast Path, there’s always something new to see around every corner. Cliff top walks are a delight in spring and summer with the fabulous wildflowers and spectacular birdlife. And in autumn we may well spot the snow white pups of the Atlantic Grey Seal. If walking is not your thing, then we can just go and enjoy views and admire the power of the sea…


We’ve had invasions, Civil Wars and local battles for thousands of years and we have plenty of reminders and remains to visit; from Iron Age forts to imposing Norman Castles and Welsh strongholds, right up to twentieth century military sites. But if you don’t care for stories of Princes in battle, there are country homes and gardens, museums, mills, abbeys, cathedrals, prehistoric standing stones, myths and legends to discover too.


Walk quiet streets, take time out on secluded beaches and visit local haunts. Pop into a pub and chat to the locals, get a chance to absorb a bit of Welshness and experience the local ‘hwyl’.


If you want to jump off a cliff – ‘coasteering’, or get a seal’s eye view of the coast – ‘kayaking’, take a refreshing boat trip or go dolphin spotting; I can arrange those experiences for you too! And if you like walking, together we can discover the Wales Coast Path and the secret coves and harbours of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Trail.

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