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A Micro Adventure can take in the iconic sights and sites of West Wales where you can pose for your ‘must have photos’ as a souvenir. We have so many awe-inspiring landscapes that we can explore together. What I also suggest, to bring the holiday alive and to provide you with those forever remembered wow moments, is to select a mix of different elements for your tour, meet locals and see and do things the Welsh way.

Whatever you want from a holiday, we can do it here in Wales. I will share my local knowledge and experience with you to ensure you have moments you shared with me, with each other and with your friends and family, creating lasting memories of a very special vacation. This is what you get with each and every tour with me.

Half Day

This could be a breathtaking walk on the Coast Path, taking in the sea-breezes and admiring the spring flowers, Atlantic Grey Seals or the occasional porpoise or dolphin. You will not only see some great scenery but I will tell you about the history of picturesque harbours, Iron Age forts or Neolithic burial chambers that we spot en route.

Or we could make a visit to the wonderful St David’s Cathedral and Bishop’s Palace, take a guided walk around Fishguard or Tenby or even visit Pembroke Castle the birthplace of Henry Tudor or the castle and tidal mill at Carew.

“It was a very informative walk. Sarah was a great guide and very enthusiastic which made the coastal walk more fun! Luckily for us the weather was lovely too, and that was a plus.”

Full Day

I love the full days! We can see so much! How about visiting a local market, an abbey and castle before lunch! Then we can spend the afternoon on the coast, with a little bit of history and a little bit of sea air followed by a refreshing drink overlooking the sea or browse local artists’ work in a local gallery.

Multi Day

And this is my favourite! Lots of full-days tied together! Plenty of time to explore the coast, check out galleries, visit castles, palaces or the cathedral. You choose what you want to see and I will create your itinerary to fit in the sights you want to see, mixed in with a little local magic! A deserted beach, a home-cooked meal, a local beer, the chocolate factory or wine-tasting at our very own vineyard!

“We spent three days in Pembrokeshire, having Sarah guide us for two full days.  She had prepared well, providing a comprehensive itinerary, based on our interests, and with enough “wiggle room” to adapt it further to our needs as she got to know us.”

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Want to know how to create amazing memories on your vacation?

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