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Creating your experience

Before you experience your tour or afterwards if you are still in the area, you can use me to get tips on where to eat and how to get around… that’s why you get my email and personal mobile number. It’s all part of the Pembrokeshire Guided Tours experience.

  • Step 1: tell me when you want to come
  • Step 2: tell me how long you want to stay
  • Step 3: let me know what interests you
  • Step 4: let me design an itinerary based on your needs, with or without transport
  • Step 5: agree the itinerary
  • Step 6: arrive in Wales, relax and enjoy!
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My micro adventures

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Half Day

If you are short of time on your vacation, then a tailor-made, half-day micro adventure could be perfect for you.  Let me help you design the experience that makes the most of your visit to Wales. You’d be surprised how many highlights we can fit into half a day!

Full Day

A full-day allows you to spend a day exploring, experiencing and enjoying your visit at your own pace. Together we can create an itinerary to include a tantalising mixture of experiences from iconic attractions to delicious Welsh food and drink.

Multi Day

If your stay in Wales allows, then a multi-day micro-adventure is the way to ensure you see and do everything on your Welsh wish-list. Combine those ‘must-see’ places and ‘must-do’ experiences with all the local flavour that creates your unique tour and holiday memories.

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Want to know how to create amazing memories on your vacation?

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