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What does the logo represent?

Over the last few weeks a number of my visitors have asked about the new logo for Pembrokeshire Guided Tours, so I thought I’d share the story.

I’ve been guiding since 2011 and I’ve recently achieved the Wales Blue Badge qualification accredited by Visit Wales and the Wales Official Tourist Guides Association. This means that I am now qualified to guide anywhere in Wales, so it seemed like a good time to update my website.

I found a great little Welsh company, BrandNu Creative, that specialises in branding and web design and together we looked at the old site and worked out what needed improvement.

Pembrokeshire coastal splendour - looking forward to summer

The Logo

The logo design we agreed on was a perfect fit for Pembrokeshire Guided Tours. The colours were inspired by the landscapes of my native Wales. Blues represent the sea and the skies, the greens are reminders of the rural landscapes, fields and woodlands and the bright pink reminiscent of the red campions, thrift and foxgloves seen on the coast and in the hedgerows during spring and summer. The shape was inspired by map pins, with two intertwined to create a heart shape.

Awe-inspiring locations + authentic experiences = heart-warming memories map-marker



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